Kettle Brand Chips - Sea Salt & Vinegar - 9 oz bag

Made with all natural ingredients and certified kosher.
Adventurous flavors combine to create one delicious chip.
You'll still respect these chips in the morning.

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Kettle Brand Chips - Sea Salt & Vinegar - 9 oz bag

Unlike ordinary potato chips, Kettle Foods hand makes their chips using whole slices of locally grown potatoes. Their passion has lead to the creation of numerous distinct and delicious flavors. We are obsessed with finding the best way to create our healthy snacks and Kettle Brand chips. Everyone has a favorite flavor, find out what yours is

No trans fats, no MSG, no artificial whatchamacallits. Who needs it when our obsession for potato perfection results in award-winning chips, naturally. Chips you'll still respect in the morning.


Potatoes, safflower and/or sunflower oil, vinegar powder, sea salt, citric acid, maltodextrin

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